Sunday, June 9, 2013

Soap Dispensers and Motivation

I just finished moving into my new apartment and getting things set up, which is why these two random crafts have been grouped together in one post.  Both are very simple and easy to do.  The first is the Jack Daniel's soap dispenser.

I've seen this pin a few times on Pinterest but didn't realize it would be so easy to do.  All you have to do is pick your favorite beverage bottle that comes with a screw on cap.  It doesn't have to be alcoholic bottle, but I've found that alcoholic bottles have the most detailed and pretty bottles with caps.  I chose Jack Daniel's simply because my boyfriend had already emptied it a few nights ago with his friends, but I was talking to my roommate and she said she wanted one with a Jagermeister bottle because the glass was green.  There are lots of options and different looks you can get, but all that matters is that it has a screw on cap.

Save the cap!  This is what you will go shopping with. 

Take the cap with you to Target or Bed Bath and Beyond.  Go to the soap dispenser section of the store (the bath section) and compare your cap size to the dispensers.  The best way to make sure it's going to fit is to just unscrew the pump from the container and try to screw on the cap.  If the cap will fit on the dispenser, the pump will fit your bottle.  I found my pump at Target but I'm sure there is a larger selection at Bed Bath and Beyond if none of those snap your socks.  After you find your pump all that's left is to find some hand soap to put in your new dispenser, and volia! A soap dispenser way cuter than anything you could buy in a store.

I am also trying to lose weight but am having a difficult time motivating myself.  This is another idea I got from Pinterest and so far it has been really motivational.  The idea is to track your weight loss with clothes pins, one pin for every pound.  Moving the pin from one string to the other gives positive reinforcement.  All it takes is some string, clothespins, tacks, and a cork board.

I used mini clothespins which can be found in the scrapbook section at Michael's.  I also used cork squares rather than a cork board which I picked up at Target.  As you can see I also posted around it quotes and pictures that were inspirational to me to help me reach my fitness goal.

That's all for now, good luck with your crafts!

~Crafty Girl~