Monday, April 15, 2013

Pong Table

Every college student needs a beer pong table.  Don't get me wrong, I'm not promoting binge drinking or alcoholism in your glory years, but it can be a social game played with any kind of drink and the competition is always fun.  Besides what is a beer pong table anyway? A long narrow table, aka a bar.  And plenty of adults have bars in their home and it's considered classy. 

I've seen college students take doors off their hinges, set it on a table, and call it a beer pong table.  I've seen people buy "official" beer pong tables from places like Spencer's.  I've even seen people use fold up tables and spray paint a cool design on them.  But mine is the coolest by far ;)
To be perfectly honest this post is mostly for me to brag about the creation I'm most proud of. Unfortunately I don't have any easy step by step instructions to help you make your own table, but I can give you a very basic outline of the steps I took in order to create my masterpiece.

People always ask me how long it took me to make this; it took me a year.  But before you get scared off most of that time I spent collecting bottle caps.  It may not look like much, but there are easily over 600 caps here.  So get on top of that as soon as possible.  And please, don't drink 600 beers (or soda for that matter).  Ask local bars if they'll collect some for you, ask friends, ask family, ask anyone that you think can lend you a hand with this enormous task.

I originally had made plans to cover the entire table in bottle caps but got pretty fed up after saving them for a year and decided to improvise.  The signs laid down the center of the table are cut outs from beer boxes with the exception of the Blue Moon and the Coca Cola tin signs.  I had those two previously from an online purchase and a visit to the Coors brewery (so much fun by the way, if you have the chance, take a tour!).

Basically I have a really handy friend who likes to build things.  I told him what I wanted and took him on a trip to Home Depot.  He pick everything out that he needed and I swiped my card.  It probably took him 3 days to build the table and then he left the rest to me.  I used tacky glue to make the caps and cardboard signs stick to the table (however the tin signs required a few screws).  After that I nailed in the wood boarder around the table who's lip rises up 1 inch past the surface of the table.  I then went to Lowe's and purchased two thin acrylic sheets and lots of translucent bathroom cocking.  I laid the two acrylic sheets down on the table and sealed them together at the seam with the cocking.  After that dried, I sealed the perimeter of the acrylic sheet to the wood boarder.  After three days of letting it dry my pong table's surface was air tight (and therefore water tight).  Super easy to clean up after and keeps the decoration underneath the sheet perfectly in tact.

The rest was simple.  I again went to Home Depot and purchased a wood stain I liked best (I chose a dark reddish brown stain) and painted the legs.  However, the boarder I painted with red acrylic paint I picked up from Michael's for a nice accent that really brings out the red bottle caps and the Coca Cola sign.

This is by far and away the coolest and most time consuming project I have ever worked on.  It is also the most rewarding.  Its a conversation starter at every party and a beautiful table I plan on using forever.

Good luck on your own!

~Crafty Girl~

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