Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Posters? Psh, please!

As a college student I cannot afford extravagant and expensive decorations.  Poster companies know this and prey upon college students with their dirt cheap prices.  There are funny posters, sexy posters, drinking game posters, scenic posters, band posters, zombie apocalypse escape plan name it, they got it.  You can find them online and order it with a small additional shipping fee or you can find a multitude of them at your student associated bookstore.

But posters can go only so far.  If you collect too many of them in your home they just seem to be one step above wallpaper.  I can't eliminate all the posters in my home, some are just too good to toss, but I can change some of them to make my home less uniform.

Instead of buying my favorite bands' posters I traced and painted their album covers and artwork onto a canvas.  This gives the room some 3D art instead of posters flat against the wall.  The hanging canvases are also slightly more elegant than posters while providing the same artwork.  This can work with any kind of artwork though. I chose to paint my favorite bands on my canvases but the concept can work with anything.

Also: If you feel you are not as artistically inclined you can use mod podge to paste a poster you already own to the canvas.  However, this can sometime prove to be problematic.  The times I've tried to do this I usually end up with bubbles and the poster never dries completely flat against the canvas.

~Crafty Girl~

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